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Unless you’re filthy rich, the only way to access the American dream is via credit.  Working hard and pooling your resources with family and friends will only get you but so far.  Purchasing a home requires more than a quarter of a million dollars.  Opening a business demands a minimum of $30,000.  Of course you can try to purchase a home in foreclosure or start a home based business, but in the end, all of this requires resources – resources that you don’t have.  One of the services we offer is the Orlando Credit Score Booster.  By adding new lines of credit to your report, your credit score can increase by several points.  Get out of the poor credit score abyss and soar into excellent FICO score heaven.

    We have clients that have purchased 1 home for each child.  They are clear on their children having access to a college education.  By leveraging an appreciating asset, like property, parents are able to send their kid’s off to a top tier university without debt.  In life there are have’s and have nots.  We can assure you that the haves are not necessarily rich.  They have good credit and access to prime loans.  Right now, you may be poor in credit but rich in spirit.  Working together, you can have the best of both worlds.

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