Orlando Mortgage Loan Credit Repair

We are not here to lie to you.  Make no mistake about it.  You can can have a very poor credit score and purchase a home in the state of Florida.  All you need is a score of 500 and put 10% down or a score of 580 if you plan on putting 3.5% down.  Based on the average price of a home in Orlando, that’s $25,500 and $8925 respectively.  Most Orlandoans have poor credit in the 550-649 range.  Poor credit will get you a poor interest rate.  Life will suck as you struggle to pay off your home.  Orlando Credit Repair Today has successfully boosted client’s scores from ‘very poor’ to ‘excellent’. 

    Who We Are

    It’s imperative that you know who is working for you.  Sure, you can read a few blogs and watch videos on how to improve your credit, but we have the privilege of employing seasoned mortgage brokers.  They know exactly what lenders are looking for and can help counsel you toward fool proof credit.  Some of our credit specialists came to us with banking backgrounds.  They understand that clients are not viewed as people – only numbers.  They bring that knowledge to the table an contribute greatly toward our success.  Lastly, we are human and we know what it’s like to live through tragedy and surmount difficult moments.

    The Home of Your Dreams

    Do you have your sights set on a home in Oviedo, Oakland or Windermere?  The sky is the limit.  Don’t let anyone tell you what is and is not possible.  You determine your own destiny.  Orlando Credit Repair Today is a conduit for your fortune.  Have the home of your dreams with stellar credit.  Get the pool, front and back yard, expansive patio, 4 bathrooms and 5.5 baths.  If you want marble flooring, stainless steel fixtures and solid wood cabinetry, it can be yours.  Clients often ask about turn around times.  Each case is different but in most situations, your credit can be boosted from poor to excellent in less than 3 months.  Start planning for your dream home now!

    Easy Approval

    The job of a mortgage broker is to attain the best mortgage loan for her client.  She will evaluate your assets and debts.  The broker will analyze your credit score and approach the lender most likely to approve a loan for you.  If your credit is ‘very poor’, her job becomes very difficult.  It could be a week before you’re approved.  When your credit is on point, approval is easy.  Contact the broker on Tuesday morning, get approved by Tuesday afternoon – it’s that simple.  Take the time to invest in your future and the future of your children.  A home is an asset that can stay in the family for generations.

    Financial Freedom

    At Orlando Credit Repair Today, our motto is, financial freedom for all.  This is what we have dedicated our professional lives toward.  Our economy grows when its residents and businesses are successful.  Neighborhoods are safer and quality goods and services are more accessible.  It feels good to see people thriving.  Clients approach us in malls, supermarkets and at the car wash, with reports of how their lives have been transformed as a result of successful credit restoration.  Do what you want and have the home you desire with thorough credit repair.  Make an appointment for a free credit evaluation today.