Orlando Auto Loan Credit Repair

That new Toyota Corolla is looking good.  You’ve had your eye on the Ford F Series in all black with leather seats since it first came out.  The Hyundai Elantra complete with a sunroof and tinted windows will be discounted come year’s end.  When the end of the year is approaching and the dealership hasn’t met its sale’s goals, consumers can take advantage of huge discounts.  We want to help you purchase your dream car.  Even if you want something small and fuel efficient to commute to and from work, we’ve got you covered. 

    Car Loans in Florida

    Very few people have the resources to purchase a vehicle in cash.  Expenses are too high in Orange County to put aside enough cash to afford a $20,000 car.  To be approved for a car loan in the state of Florida, you’ll need a 660 minimum FICO score.  Most O-Town residents have a 644 FICO score.  The average American has a score of 687.  Orlando, we have work to do.  Automobiles are a depreciating asset.  Unlike with a home, cars lose their value the moment you drive them off the lot. While we realize that our clients need vehicles to live their best lives, we actively work to mitigate the repayment amount by restoring your credit. 

    Favorable Payment Terms

    When you have excellent credit, the interest rate on a used car loan is 4.21%.  Compare that to 13.6% if you have poor credit.  A person with excellent credit pays an additional $210 on a car selling for $5000, while someone with poor credit pays $680.  If you had the money, you wouldn’t need a loan.  Why make someone pay more when they cannot afford it?  This is the system we have to work with.  Our goal is to make sure that clients receive favorable payment terms and low interest rates.  We advocate for you by disputing derogatory accounts with every bureau. 

    Hurry Up and Wait

    Purchasing a new car is a game.  Car salesmen are seeking to make the most money possible.  They don’t care about your personal or financial responsibilities.  Once they reel you in, now you have to sit and wait in the lounge area for hours, while they sort out who is going to lend you the money.  Hours go by as you watch new car owners come and go with excitement.  When they call you into the office, you discover that they’ve manage to secure a loan for you with a damn near illegal interest rate.  But when you work with Orlando Credit Repair Today, you can walk in and walk out with confidence and a new ride.

    Get the Car You Want

    Sometimes you want what you want.  Don’t want to settle or negotiate.  We understand that you work hard and you deserve to take advantage of the fruit of your labor.  When you have poor or fair credit, getting what you want at a price you can afford is a challenge.  Once the car salesman and loan officer review your credit report, judgement will ensue.  Don’t let that happen to you.  Research the car you want.  Make sure it’s the best option for your lifestyle and finances.  Seek us out for sound credit advice.  We will work diligently to boost your credit score swiftly.  The next time we see you, you’ll be driving in your choice automobile.