Orlando Home Loan Credit Repair

A home is an appreciating asset.  Unlike a car, it will increase in value over time.  When you purchase a home, it’s not just a place to lay your head.  Houses are more than mere shelter.  They are places of sanctity to create memories and build a future.  Orlando Credit Repair wants to help you create legacy.  With excellent credit, you can own a house that can be passed down from generation to generation.  It can be leveraged for your children’s university education or be used to secure more property.  Achieve the American dream with stellar credit. 

    Purchase a Vacation Home

    Perhaps you started out with good credit and along the way, life took over.  Shi! Happens and no one is immune from making bad decisions and learning lessons the hard way.  A few mistakes shouldn’t stand in the way of you and your vacation home.  Purchase a second home in Miami, Tampa or Jacksonville.  We’ll counsel you toward accessing and maintaining an excellent FICO score that cannot be denied.  As you build your legacy, a vacation home offers security.  It can be leverage to access future properties and help to attain financing to launch a new business. 

    Purchase a Starter Home

    If you have never purchased a home, chances are that you have very little credit history.  Lenders want to see that you have borrowed in the past and paid your debt successfully and on time.  We will help you open new lines of credit.  A dedicated credit specialist will coach you on the pitfalls of the American credit system and how to avoid them.  If you happen to have any derogatory accounts on your credit report, we will help you dispute them.  With this strategy, you’ll be able to buy your first starter home. 

    Avoid Predatory Lenders

    It’s a jungle out there and you’re the unsuspecting kudu.  Predatory lenders are the lions.  Greedy mortgage brokers are the hyenas.  Orlando Credit Repair Today are like elephants in the wild.  We are the only force that can stand up to the king of the jungle and win.  Lions are constantly looking for vulnerable prey.  They bank on you not knowing your credit and consumer rights.  Predatory lenders are willing to give you a loan that they know you cannot afford at a high interest rate.  Avoid the lions of the world by working toward excellent credit and attaining a responsible home loan.

    Become a Millionaire

    Did you know that most American millionaires acquired their wealth through property ownership?  It’s a fact that accessing the American dream is accessible via multi and single family home ownership.  It’s more lucrative and secure than Bitcoin, stock and bonds.  The real estate market is for those that want to win over the long haul.  Buy & flip with ease when you have a credit score that reflects your level of responsibility.  Purchase multi-family dwellings and rent them out.  Acquire foreclosed homes, renovate them and sell them at the highest price the market can bear.  We love watching our clients attain wealth.  Let us help you too.