Orlando Credit Score Booster

Now that you’re seeking to boost your credit, you will be hearing the word FICO frequently.  FICO is an acronym for Fair Isaac Corporation.  It was founded by Bill Fair and Earl Isaac in 1956.  They were the first company to attempt to create a standardized quantification of an individual’s credit solvency.  For better or for worse, this is the system we are stuck with.  Instead of attempting to change it, we advocate for clients within the system we were given.  Thirty-five percent of your score is based on payment history.  Thirty percent is determined by the amount owed.  The length of your credit history is 15% of your score.  New credit and credit mix comprise 10% of your FICO score respectively.

    Why Credit is Important

    The hard truth is that the American dream is not possible for lower and middle class Americans without access to credit.  In other parts of the world, people work hard and save for decades before they can afford to build a home on inherited land.  Fortunately, in America, we have the option to use credit to access favorable home loans.  No one pays cash for anything anymore – not even lunch.  Your credit score gives you access to a world that would otherwise be closed.  Instead of abusing your credit and purchasing til your heart’s content, a credit counselor can teach you how to leverage your credit for generational wealth.

    The Credit Repair Organization Act

    While you’re conducting research for the best credit repair restoration company in Orlando it’s important to know which questions to ask.  Inquire if the credit specialist can guarantee an excellent FICO score.  If they respond in the affirmative – run!  No one can guarantee a particular score.  The CROA protects consumers against predatory credit repair companies that make false promises, guarantee results and charge an initial amount.  Orlando Credit Repair Today has a 78% success rate.  While we won’t make any guarantees, we can share success stories so that you can make the most informed decisions possible.  Our credit counselors are able to have 7.8 out of 10 derogatory accounts deleted on the first round.

    3-Way Credit Boosting

    The 3 big dogs in the credit reporting industry are Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.  Many credit restoration companies will only work with 1 of the 3.  At Orlando Credit Repair Today, we dispute negative accounts with all 3 credit reporting bureaus.  A lender can choose to receive credit reports from 1 or all 3 bureaus.  If they want to receive a clear picture, they will analyze results from all 3.  If they’re lazy, guess what?  Your fate is left up to 1 arbitrary bureau.  Your personal credit counselor utilizes a 3-way credit boosting strategy so that your future is not left to chance. 

    Fraud Alerts

    Bank account, ATM, debit and credit card fraud are at an all time high.  Swipe your card at a gas station and next thing you know, someone in Maine is purchasing groceries at your expense.  Cons are constantly fishing for their next victim on the Internet.  One moment you’re responding to an email to update your PayPal account details, and the next, $500 has disappeared from your checking account.  Perhaps you have a relative that refuses to respect your boundaries and continues to access credit using your social security number.  Either way, we will protect your name, reputation, SSN and your credit with real time fraud alerts.  If you see anything suspicious, your credit counselor will investigate and dispute.