Orlando Home Buying Credit Repair

The average sale price of an existing home in Orlando, Florida is $255,000.  Most Americans are 2 paychecks away from being homeless.  If you don’t have $255,000 saved, you’re not alone.  A home loan will make it possible for you to afford the home of your dreams.  Qualifying for a mortgage loan and the interest rate offered is dependent upon your credit rating.  350-550 is considered a ‘very poor ‘score.  550-649 is categorized as ‘poor’.  50.9% of the Orlando population has poor credit.  750-850 is rated as excellent.  30.7% of Orlando residents have excellent credit.  Our goal is to get you in the excellent range to qualify for your fantasy home.

    Dispute & Remove

    In simplified terms, our strategy is to dispute and remove derogatory items from your credit reports.  Timing and wording is important, but at the end of the day, this is a proven tactic that works.  Medical bills, wage garnishments, student loans and bankruptcies don’t stand a chance when you have Orlando Home Buying Credit Repair on your side.  We believe in financial freedom for all.  When you look around and see people living in opulent homes and driving luxury vehicles, know that it is possible for you too.  Only the rich and famous pay cash for what they have.  Don’t deny yourself the legacy of home ownership for fear of bad credit.

    The Interest Rate is Key

    No matter how bad your credit is, there is a lender willing to take a chance and loan you the money for a home.  They realize that even if you default, they will win.  Predatory lenders target low income earners.  Interest rates are high and the terms are unreasonable for the average human.  You hear about a senior citizen losing their home because they missed one payment after paying diligently for 20 years.  Don’t let that be you.  In fact, we make it our business to protect clients from home loans designed to set you up for failure.  With an excellent credit rating in the 750-850 range, your interest rate will be lower with terms you can live with. 

    Above Average Success Rate

    Don’t take our word for it – do your research.  Our 5-star Yelp Reviews speak for themselves.  Clients praise us for swift results, relentlessness and consistent advocacy.  Customers stop us on the street and tell us how we changed their lives.  Out of 10 disputed derogatory accounts, 7.8 are deleted on average.  That translates to a 78% success rate and a 75-point increase.  If your credit score is rated poor, it can be boosted to excellent in the first round of disputes.  When you select us, there is no need to pay of collections, save or deprive yourself of basic necessities for the sake of improving your credit. 

    New Lines of Credit

    If you’re not careful, credit can be a vicious cycle.  It’s important to understand what it is and how it works.  35% of your FICO score is determined by your payment history.  30% is dictated by the amount of money owed.  The length of your credit history is 15%.  New credit lines are allocated a weight of 10%.  Credit diversification is 10% of the total pie.  When we add new lines of credit to your report, your total score is guaranteed to increase at a minimum of 10%.  In other words, your score is boosted several points in less than 48 hours.