Baltimore Credit Restoration

At Orlando Credit Repair Today, we tell you the truth about credit.  Our team will not mince words.  There are strategies, laws and policies that we utilize daily to advocate for our clients.  Everyone is striving for the American dream.  But no one, except the top 10% can afford it without credit.  It is your bargaining chip – your leveraging power.  Your FICO score determines the goods and services you can access.  It controls where and when you can go on vacation, your zip code, your kid’s education, the car you drive, the T.V you own, all your creature comforts and even the job you have.  In the United States, credit is everything.

    Reputable Credit Restoration Company

    When it comes to selecting a credit repair company, it’s important to know who you will have on your team.  The average Orlandoan’s FICO scores are 43 points below the national average.  Credit restoration companies are well aware of this statistic and have flooded the market with false promises.  Orlando Credit Repair Today has a proven track record that spans over 28 years.  We are the impetus behind thousands of deleted negative accounts and as a result have thousands of satisfied clients.  To our credit, we have former mortgage brokers and bankers on staff – professionals that understand the market and necessary strategies.

    Federal Credit Reporting Act

    Knowing your rights as a consumer in America is the first step toward cleaning up your credit.  There are laws and policies in place specifically designed to protect you.  The Federal Credit Reporting Act was created in 1971.  Essentially, it states that if anything in your credit report is incomplete, inaccurate or unverifiable it can be deleted or corrected.  This is law is your friend and our first plan of action.  We have a 78% success rates, which is well above the national average.  7.8 out of 10 negative items can be deleted or corrected on the first dispute, which translates to a 75 or 85-point increase.

    The 3 Big Dogs

    At this point, you may be familiar with the 3 most dominant credit reporting bureaus.  They work independently of each other and make their profits by selling your information to lenders.  If you’re planning on purchasing a new washer and dryer on credit, the retailer will request your credit report from either Equifax, Experian or TransUnion.  Based on the information supplied, the lender may or may not front you the money to make the purchase.  If they do make a determination to lend you the money, your credit score will determine the interest rate and terms.  The key to our success is disputing negative accounts with all 3 bureaus.

    Interactive Credit Platform

    It’s very easy for a credit restoration company to claim that they will go to bat for you without accountability.  How will you know if they’re really doing what they claim on your behalf?  Fortunately, we have invested in a web based, interactive platform that gives clients access to their personal information in real time.  You can see how your credit score is increasing.  Clients may email their credit counselor within the platform and upload documents for faster responses.  The accounts being disputed will be highlighted.  View the amount of days left before you can expect a response from a creditor.  Charts and graphs are available for visual learners